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What leadership means to me

What leadership means to me

As a leadership minor and a leader on and off campus, I spend a lot of time thinking about leadership and how I can become better at it.

To me, leadership is about communicating and working with a diverse group to accomplish something bigger than yourself.

I chose the bolded phrases for the following, specific reasons:

  • Communicating: As a multimedia journalism and public relations major, communication is a key part of my career aspirations and everyday life. In leadership, I value good communicators who can give updates, check in about progress, and address problems in projects through all forms of communication, including written emails and face-to-face meetings.
  • Diverse: A graduate from Ben Davis High School, I champion my ability to work with and learn from people from diverse backgrounds. In a workplace setting, it's important to be aware and constantly learning about how to work with people who aren't like you, whether that be a different gender, race, sexual orientation, education level, language or anything else.
  • Bigger than yourself: The most important aspect of leadership is gathering a group to get something done that one person can't do alone. This means playing on each other's strengths, relying on each other for new ideas and execution of those ideas, and working to make an impact or complete a project. 

Playing off of diversity, an important aspect of leadership to me is women's roles and stereotypes in leadership.

If you, like me, are interested in learning more about women in leadership, try these reads:

  • Girl Boss, a half-memoir, half-advice book from Nasty Gal women's fashion site founder Sophia Amoruso.
  • This article – titled "In Defense Of 'Female Language' In Leadership Roles" – about how emotional qualities associated with women are positives in 21st century leadership, written by a college-aged contributor.
  • A Refinery29 article where five techie, female leaders speak out against the phrase: "It's so easy your mom can do it!"
  • A profile on LEAF.tv and its co-founders, Geri Hirsch and Erin Falconer, who have mastered the video art of short, beautifully-shot tutorials.
  • A Q&A from New York Magazine's The Cut with Folake Oguntebi, a entrepreneur who started GoodHair, an upscale hairstyling bar for black women with natural, textured hair.
Behind the process: Graphic design poster project

Behind the process: Graphic design poster project