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A month in paper ephemera: 01/2017

A month in paper ephemera: 01/2017




"things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time."

In my monthly paper ephemera blog series, I hope to document my time and allow others to experience my life as it happens through physical documents. Through words and photos, I hope to make these documents — which are usually meant to be immediately pitched and forgotten — more permanent while explaining the stories of how I collected them along the way.

See descriptions of a few fleeting pieces of my January 2017 paper trail below.

1. A belated Christmas card from a close friend I've known for years. She goes to college in Chicago, so I don't get to see her often. "So thankful for the friendship we have built since high school. You're one of the greatest friends I've ever had."

2. A thank you note from Alanna Martine and Lindsey Whalen, thanking me for my support of their blogs and Instagrams. The card came in a package with goodies I won in their Instagram giveaway, which included a J. Crew furry pom keychain and Bite Beauty lipsticks. I split my winnings with a friend.

3. A take-away postcard from The Eagle, which I ate at (again) with a close friend and my boyfriend this month. Highly recommend the sweet potato crock and/or the fried chicken sandwich.

4. Two movie tickets to a showing of "21st Century Women." I also saw "Hidden Figures" and "Fences" this month, and the latter was my favorite. Viola Davis is great.

5. A sticky window decal from Planned Parenthood. I made a donation to the organization following the election, and they sent me this sticker and a letter thanking me for my support.

6. Two vintage postcards I purchased from Society of Salvage for $5. It's a cute place to shop around. I wanted these two — one of the U.S. Post Office in downtown Indianapolis and another of the Palace of Westminster and Big Ben in London — because they are places I've visited. Both of the postcards have no writing, aren't dated and will be perfect for my growing snail mail collection.

A month in paper ephemera: 02/2017

A month in paper ephemera: 02/2017

Seasonal mood board: Cool-toned and cozy winter

Seasonal mood board: Cool-toned and cozy winter