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Seasonal mood board: Cool-toned and cozy winter

Seasonal mood board: Cool-toned and cozy winter

My winter hasn't been my usual.

I took my college's January term "off" to work on to-do list items I've been meaning to cross off for a long time, like rehabbing this website and catching up on freelance projects.

Having a little time off school has recharged me and helped me feel more in-touch with my creative side that often gets lost when I'm busy with assignments and many, many other tasks.

Below is my first season mood board ever, which gives visualization to my focus for winter 2017. I'm hoping this soft, cozy palette will guide me (and you!) through the season.


1. Getting into the grind. I'm spending my winter getting (and staying) organized to make time for my school work, as well as personal projects

2. Inviting spaces. Because is there really anything better than snuggling under the covers when it's a little chilly? Decluttering when spending the day at home is key.

3. A new 'do. I recently got my hair cut enough to #cleartheshoulders and couldn't be more obsessed. I love the minimalist look of a blunt, short cut. 

4. Cozy wardrobe. My go-to items this winter are bralettes to peek out from slouchy sweaters, short booties to pair with skinny jeans and this top... mostly the top. 

5. Upscale decor. I've been loving this marble serving tray my boyfriend gifted me for Christmas. It will be a home decor staple for years to come. 

6. Reading material. When I have free time at home — especially when the weather is less than ideal — I love flipping through magazines to read and gain inspiration for future projects. 

7. Creating space. I'm all about slowing down, making space and creating time to be creative this winter. 

8. Warm brews. I got an expresso machine for Christmas from my parents and have been fixing my own cafe miels at home, perfect for a sweet jolt day or night. It's definitely coming back to campus with me.

9. Snowy 'scapes. Indiana hasn't gotten much snow this year, but I got to experience a perfect snowy street scene at the end of December when walking, which called for a photoshoot with friends


See you in the spring for more seasonable inspiration! In the meantime, you can keep up with my mood boards by following me on Pinterest.

xo. — Ashley

A month in paper ephemera: 01/2017

A month in paper ephemera: 01/2017

My website redesign (+ links!)

My website redesign (+ links!)