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Seasonal mood board: Airy and rosy spring

Seasonal mood board: Airy and rosy spring

As I write this, I'm sitting in a coffee shop in Pensacola Beach, Florida. Being here makes summer seem so close.

But first comes spring.

Below is my second seasonal mood board, which gives visualization to my focus for spring 2017 — to slow down, to find calm and to enjoy the sprouting textures around me as the weather warms up. 

I'm hoping this airy, rosy palette will guide me (and you!) through the season.

1. Beautiful letters. I definitely love a thought-out, scripted letter with antique, mismatched stamps. You can find them scattered in my paper ephemera series.

2. Apartment goals. As my boyfriend prepares to graduate from college and move into his own place, I'm scouring the internet for the most perfect apartment inspiration for when I get my own place. It will be so hard to pick out that first couch, first artwork... all I know is, I want the space to have a lot of natural light, just like this bedroom.

3. Antique jewels. Stacked rings and mixed metal jewelry have been my thing lately. Antique silhouettes are my favorite, including the reimagined vintage engagement rings from Heidi Gibson. Drooling.

4. Rosy skin. I've been focusing on my skin lately, in hopes of having more youthful, bright complexion by summer and wearing more sheer foundation. On the same note, I'm also really, really in love with Glossier cloud paints. I want to order some soon. (The hardest part is deciding what shade to get!)

5. A nod to the past. Recently, I've been reminiscing about my grandfather's old antique shop in downtown Indianapolis, which was called Lucky Find. The robe pattern, pictured, reminds me of it. I'd love to start it again one day. 

6. Kimono love. I love this elevated kimono look. I've been looking for inspiration of what to pack, wear, see and do when I study abroad in Japan in January. This is perfect.

See you in the summer for more seasonable inspiration! In the meantime, you can keep up with my mood boards by following me on Pinterest.

xo. — Ashley

A month in paper ephemera: 03/2017

A month in paper ephemera: 03/2017

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A month in paper ephemera: 02/2017