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A month in paper ephemera: 03/2017

A month in paper ephemera: 03/2017




"things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time."

In my monthly paper ephemera blog series, I hope to document my time and allow others to experience my life as it happens through physical documents. Through words and photos, I hope to make these documents — which are usually meant to be immediately pitched and forgotten — more permanent while explaining the stories of how I collected them along the way.

See descriptions of two fleeting pieces of my March 2017 paper trail below.


At the end of the month, I took a spring break trip with my mom to Pensacola Beach, Florida. Although my parents and I have traveled there since 2005, my mom and I have made it a tradition to go together each spring break since I've been in college.

While in Florida, we slept in and then split up — my mom, heading down to nab a good spot on the beach, and me, grabbing breakfast at Drowsy Poet, the only coffee shop at the beach that also happens to have killer toast boards. Later in the afternoon, we'd reconvene and go get dinner. This Sidelines restaurant receipt represents my biggest late night weakness while in Pensacola: key lime pie.

After spending the majority of my break in Florida, my mom and I (sadly) drove back up north to Indiana but stopped to stay in Nashville, Tennessee for a night. We spent the evening going to cool shops in The Gulch, including my favorite shop we went to, Two Old Hippies, where I got a THANK YOU / THANK YOU reusable tote bag with this tag. The bag, made in in San Francisco by Open-Edition and designed by Lauren DiCioccio, was created to commemorate San Francisco's decision to enact the first plastic bag ban in the nation in 2007.

I decided to get it not only because I want to look cute and conscious while getting groceries, but also because it reminds me of the first graphic design I ever did , where I drew a redesigned "THANK YOU" plastic bag in my high school class.

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A month in paper ephemera: 04/2017

A month in paper ephemera: 04/2017

Seasonal mood board: Airy and rosy spring

Seasonal mood board: Airy and rosy spring