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Seasonal mood board: Lazy lavender summer

Seasonal mood board: Lazy lavender summer

It's barely begun, and I'm already dreaming of an endless summer.

Although I'm interning full-time at a public relations agency this summer, I hope I find time this season for easy mornings at home and warm days exploring.

Below is my third seasonal mood board, which gives life to those summer dreams with lavender tones, easy looks and warm textures.

Here's to hoping this easygoing palette will guide you (and me!) through the summer.


1. Boho jewels. I snagged this look from a summer Free People catalogue. I love her smile and dangle of her eclectic earring, but the small details are the star of the show: her golden tooth bling.

2. Picnic aesthetics. Even though I won't be jet setting to an exotic destination this summer, I hope to find peace in getting away for an afternoon picnic at the Indianapolis Museum of Art's 100 Acres park.

3. Birks. Got my hands on my first pair of Birkenstocks for my birthday and can already tell I'm going to live in them well into the fall. I went with the tobacco oiled leather style.

4. Handwritten inspiration. I've been making use of Instagram's bookmark tool and saving quotes that make me stop and look at the world a little differently. Looking for inspiration? This hashtag is a goodie.

5. Lavender fields. Recently discovered there's a lavender farm in central Indiana, and I'm obsessed. Hopefully I can make it there during the purple bloom season, which lasts through mid-September.

6. Cream dream. This sweet dish is undoubtedly the hallmark of summer. Although I'm not going to run down the street after the ice cream truck, that won't stop me from eating any cone or blizzard I can get my hands on — and maybe even try my hand at a recipe or two.

See you in the fall for more seasonable inspiration! In the meantime, you can keep up with my mood boards by following me on Pinterest.

xo. — Ashley

Seasonal mood board: Cool, crisp autumn

Seasonal mood board: Cool, crisp autumn

A month in paper ephemera: 04/2017

A month in paper ephemera: 04/2017