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Encounter: Meet the Classical Revolution

From time to time, I write articles for Indianapolis Monthly's "Encounter" page as freelance projects. The page details the scene of a little-known group or performance in the city.

I crafted this article by traveling to Chatterbox Jazz Club and spending the night observing the sights and sounds of the off-the-clock Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra musicians.

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Hot List: Stylish Ice Scraper, “Jimi” Jacket, and more

Indianapolis Monthly publishes a weekly "Hot List" with coveted apparel, beauty and home items. This article was particularly fun for me because of my interest in women's fashion and because I got to scout the products myself around the city.

I challenged myself to use strong verbs and short phrases to make this article as succinct and catchy as possible. 

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Curious Indy: Indianapolis’ 10 Most Iconic Local Commercials

In addition to my daily radio news story assignments during my internship at 90.9 WFYI-FM, I put up a voting round for the station's "Curious Indy" series, where people submit questions about what they wonder about Indianapolis.

For this article, I answered: "Every city has those local commercials everyone grew up with. What could be seen as Indy’s most iconic ad campaign?"

The article required a lot of calls and research, including locating hard-to-find footage of the "Hudnut Hook," which the Hudnut foundation didn't have film of at the time. I also conducted numerous interviews for sidebar stories with living local commercial legends to translate to both audio and print stories.

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Student suspended one semester over inappropriate Snapchats

I worked on this breaking story as the news editor for The Franklin, the student newspaper at Franklin College. I worked on-deadline to get multiple interview sources to make the Friday print edition, as well as update the story online.

The story continues to be one of The Franklin's top-clicked and shared articles on the website.

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5 Life Lessons From the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

During my internship at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, I wrote a few ready-to-run articles like this one.

This particular article was published in Indy's Child magazine as both a promotional and public relations piece for an upcoming museum exhibit about the Ninja Turtles.

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